Oliver Clark

Music Comedy, Actor, Presenter, Voice Over

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English born Australian bred Oliver Clark was created for one thing - Entertaining!
Harking back to the vintage style of performers of Vegas, such as Tom Jones, Elvis and Dean Martin, Oliver puts his own stamp on the past and launches it into the modern era.

He embodies everything that is the consummate all-round entertainer. A polished man and a polished performance. His dynamic presence on stage along with his incredibly powerfully yet soulful voice will transport you into timeless world, bringing fun times every time...and guaranteed to leave you excited for more!

Oliver has established himself as a legend of the industry having already released four studio albums and two singles filled with classic melodies and innuendo fuelled lyrics. As an actor Oliver has graced the small screen as part of the core cast of comedy sketch series Kinne Tonight, both seasons of Hamish & Andy’s True Stories, and Orange Is The New Brown. He also performed alongside comedian Will Arnett and creator of Arrested Development, Mitch Hurwitz in Foxtel’s Six Beers Of Separation.
“You’ll be incalculated in a world of cocktail parties, holidays to Acapulco, long lost romances and sweet love ballads.”
groggy squirrel
“Clark has perfected his sleazy nightclub act with rapid fire gags, cornball songs and strange activities involving food.” ★★★★
herald sun